What measures do we take?

Quay wall stabilisation

The most urgent intervention of the Antwerp Scheldt Quay Project is the stabilisation of the quay wall. Without these safety works, it would not be advisable to elevate the water barrier and redevelop this public domain. Read more

Elevation of the water barrier

The Scheldt Quays become submerged during every heavy storm tide. And due to its location on the Scheldt, Antwerp is extremely prone to flooding. After the storm tide of 1976, a water barrier was built. This barrier consisted of a concrete wall, 5.5 kilometres long and 1.35 metres high. Climate change and rising sea levels have made it necessary to elevate this water barrier. We will begin this project after the stabilisation of the quay wall is complete. Read more

Renovation of the public domain

Since the port activities have moved to the north of the city, the Scheldt Quays have been somewhat neglected. The Town Council has seized on the Sigma Plan Project to once again make the quays a welcoming residential and recreational area near the water. Read more