This industrial zone will soon blossom into a beautiful cityscape. The Droogdokken Island will become a link between the city and the port. Read more

Kattendijk Lock and Rijnkaai

A water barrier will be built in this zone. It will be integrated as much as possible into the buildings on the quay itself. If that is not possible, then it will be constructed along the river. Read more

Bonaparte Dock and the Loodswezen

Next to the central quay zone is the Pilotage Service and the Bonaparte Dock. A unique area, located right on the Museum aan de Stroom (MAS), which reaches skyward above the quay line. In this zone, we are investigating whether we can preserve the view of the Scheldt from the MAS and the Pilotage Service by utilising mobile water barriers. Read more

Schipperskwartier and the City Centre

A mobile water barrier which is incorporated closer to the Scheldt is one of the possibilities for this zone. This would allow all kinds of activities to take place on the immense quay structure itself. The obstacles which separate the city from the river here would disappear as much as possible. This overflow zone of the busy, historical city centre is ideally suited to activities which require more space than the inner city can accommodate. Read more

Sint-Andries and Het Zuid

In the Sint-Andries and Het Zuid neighbourhoods, you will find the first building site zone of the Antwerp Scheldt Quay Project. Once the stabilisation work is complete, a new, elevated water barrier will be built which will blend in seamlessly with the quay landscape. This will lend the quay structure itself a totally new look. The beautiful, panoramic view of the Scheldt will, of course, remain unobstructed. Read more

Nieuw Zuid

Of the seven quay zones, the quay wall at Nieuw Zuid suffers from the most significant safety problems. In anticipation of the definitive stabilisation work, emergency measures have been taken to prevent the wall from collapsing. In the meantime, engineers have worked out a permanent solution for the quay wall. Since April 2015, the work is fully under way. Read more

Blue Gate Antwerp

On the former site of Petroleum Zuid, an innovative, sustainable and water-bound industrial terrain adorns the end of the Scheldt Quays: Blue Gate Antwerp. Read more