What measures do we take?

Restoration of the winter riverbed

In the Tussen Hellebrug en Herenbossen and the Zammelsbroek areas, we are restoring the winter riverbeds. A winter riverbed is the section of a river that remains submerged under water throughout the entire winter. There is more precipitation in the winter than in the summer, and this causes the river to overflow its narrower summer bed. Read more

Sills increase the groundwater level

To protect the region from flooding and, at the same time, to allow wetlands to develop, the winter riverbed will be restored and the groundwater level will be raised using river sills. On the banks, wide reed beds will give way to wet grasslands. In this biotope, a wide variety of rare species, such as the great bittern, the spotted crake, the chabot bullhead and the beaver, feel right at home. Read more

A open connection between the tributaries and the Grote Nete

In the past, the Grote Nete was embanked throughout its entire valley. This caused the open connections between the river and its tributaries to be lost. By removing the levee and the discharge constructions, the tributaries can regain contact with the Grote Nete. Read more