Ter Borght-De Merode

Not much will change for the visitors to Ter Borght-De Merode in Hulshout and Westerlo. Princely walks between Hof Ter Borght and the Castle of Westerlo will remain possible and may become even more pleasant. And the farmers in the area may continue their work unimpeded. Only once in five years will the area become operational for water buffering.

Territory: Hulshout, Westerlo and Herselt
Area type:  controlled water buffer area
Project target: agriculture

The controlled water buffer areas in Ter Borght-De Merode flood only once every five years. Therefore, the existing farmland use need not be altered. And, recreational use of the area will also be maintained. But there's more. We will improve the existing pathways and are searching for new routes which will seamlessly link up to the existing networks. During your walk, in addition to passing through a great deal of greenery along rich, moist pathways, you will also pass by castles, abbeys and picturesque village squares in the area where the provinces of Antwerp, Flemish-Brabant and Limburg meet.