From Hellebrug to Herenbossen

In the furthest downstream section – from the Hellebrug to the naturally marshy Herenbossen – we are focusing on the restoration of the original valley. Once this landscape has been restored, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful view from the edge of the valley.

Surface area: 650 hectares
Territory: Nijlen, Herenthout, Heist-op-den-Berg and Hulshout
Area type:  nature reserve
Project target: winter riverbed and wetlands


Water violet The open and relatively sparsely developed surroundings are perfect for the development of a wetlands with marshes. The winter riverbed will be restored by adding sills to the riverbed. This will cause the water level to rise in the springtime. By lowering the levees at strategically chosen locations, the winter riverbed will occasionally be covered with water. Other measures are also planned, such as the construction of the three amphibian pools at the La Corbeille site in Hulshout in February of 2015. And water violet, pond skaters and dragonflies but also frogs, toads and salamanders will attract many water birds. The new bicycle and pedestrian bridge and the Liniebrug will lead you through this authentic area.