From Hellebrug to Herenbossen

In the furthest downstream section – from the Hellebrug to the naturally marshy Herenbossen – we are focusing on the restoration of the original valley. Once this landscape has been restored, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful view from the edge of the valley. Read more


Completely upstream, in Geel and Laakdal, lies the Zammelsbroek nature area. Just like Tussen Hellebrug en Herenbossen, the valley here will be made wetter, like it used to be. This will result in hours of hiking enjoyment on the De Merode walking path network, which guides you through a unique diversity of biotopes, alluvial meadows, pools and ponds. Read more

Ter Borght-De Merode

Not much will change for the visitors to Ter Borght-De Merode in Hulshout and Westerlo. Princely walks between Hof Ter Borght and the Castle of Westerlo will remain possible and may become even more pleasant. And the farmers in the area may continue their work unimpeded. Only once in five years will the area become operational for water buffering. Read more