Zennegat, a non-conformist little hamlet, home to a few artists and several rustic pubs, is the place where the Zenne, the Leuven-Dyle Canal and the Dyle conjoin. At this junction of rivers, the tide creates fascinating natural phenomena. Read more

Grote Vijver

Thanks to the Sigma Plan, Grote Vijver – the flood control area directly opposite the Zennegat – has several tricks up its sleeve. The northern section will catch and hold excess river water several times per year. The brushwood and reed beds which have sprung up as a result have adapted to this perfectly. The southern section, where the pond is located, only becomes operational in extreme situations. So, go ahead and bring your water skis! Read more

Tien Vierendelen 

Tien Vierendelen is located in Heindonk, a sub-municipality of Willebroek and from time immemorial a green, rural village with cattle farming and lots of water. Therefore, at times of extreme storm tides, about once every twenty years, Tien Vierendelen will flood in a controlled manner. The fishing ponds and the beautiful nature here are a big attraction for hikers, cyclists and anglers. Read more