Within the borders of the city of Temse, next to the Tielrodebroek flood control area and the depoldered area in Klein and Groot Broek, a new flood control area with reduced tides will be constructed. The new flood control area will store water from the Scheldt when the water levels reach extreme heights.

Surface area: 100 hectares
Territory: Temse
Area type:  depoldering and flood control area with reduced tides
Project target: tidal nature

Thanks to the interplay of ebb and flow, the existing nature area will develop into a valuable mudflat and marsh area. The preparatory research for this project is currently under way. In cooperation with the city of Temse, nature and agricultural organisations and the local polder administration board, we are reviewing the possibilities. Together with Tielrodebroek, this area will buffer water in case of storm tides. And by way of the newly constructed levees and pathways, you will be able to explore the handsome nature area.