Polders of Kruibeke

In Rupelmonde, the Rupel flows into the Scheldt. On this strategically chosen spot in Kruibeke, we have created the largest flood control area in Flanders.

Surface area: 600 hectares
Territory: Kruibeke
Area type:  flood control area, flood control area with reduced tides and depoldering
Project target: wetlands and tidal nature


Carefree enjoyment of the beautiful nature in the Polders of Kruibeke

In addition to safety, the Polders of Kruibeke provide 300 hectares of mudflats and marshes, 150 hectares of meadow bird area and more than 160 hectares of forest. Farmers contribute to the management of the grasslands here. Together with the City of Kruibeke and the conservation association Kruin, we participated in the SCALLUVIA LIFE+ project whose focus was on the restoration of 90 hectares of alluvial forest and creeks.

We studied how to make the forests more accessible without disrupting the nature values. With communication and participation campaigns, we have built further public support for the area. The SCALLUVIA LIFE+ project ran from 2013 to 2017.