The valley between the Beneden-Nete river and the Nete Canal is a rare avian paradise abound with broad reed beds and ponds full of fish. With its designation as a wetland, this typical nature is even better highlighted in Anderstadt 2, Polder of Lier, the Hof van Lachenen Zone and in the Ponds at Anderstadt. Anderstadt 1 will be returned entirely to the river, so that soon there will be a beautiful view of mudflats and marshes from the levee. Read more


In Varenheuvel-Abroek, a 135-hectare Sigma Plan project within the city limits of Grobbendonk, Zandhoven and Nijlen, you can walk right through a vast agricultural area. Ideal for the development of flower-filled grasslands where the corncrake and the whinchat will soon feel right at home. We do, though, hope to keep this land as agricultural as possible. Read more

Grote Nete Estuary

The Grote Nete Estuary in Berlaar, Nijlen and Lier will become a beautiful 54-hectare parcel full of reed beds and open water. As a result of these changes, you will encounter a wide variety of currently endangered plants and animals here within a few years. Read more