Four themes

Living and working safely

When there are storms above the North Sea in combination with the spring tide, storm surge waves develop. If a tidal wave like this rolls into the Scheldt and its tributaries, the water level rises. Years ago, the rivers could release excess water into their valleys. These natural flood control areas caught the water and then slowly released it again. Read more


The restoration of the Scheldt's ecosystem is an important goal of the Sigma Plan. Countless unique plants and animals call the newly restored areas home. The Sigma Plan helps us to achieve the conservation objectives in the framework of Natura 2000, the European network of conservation areas. Read more


The Sigma Plan makes the Scheldt and its tributaries even more attractive to cyclists, hikers and other recreational visitors. Read more


As a waterway, the Scheldt is a lifeline of the Flemish economy. The Sigma Plan has an eye for this economic function but also for the quality of life of the agricultural enterprises and other businesses along its banks. Read more